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#YJInfluencer @lauren.taus signing off from my retreat @habitastulum. Thank you for joining the journey with me, and all 39 of my tribe. Please stay connected with me on my personal feed. 
I’m reminded after this experience how deep we can go together. I personally took big risks as a teacher with my students. I dared to be more ME, and the response was incredible. I’m reminded that yoga is connection. It’s far more than the shapes we make, but rather about a more authentic, embodied experience. Each one of us must rise to the occasion and lead in our practice of oneness. We must take responsibility for the world we live in - and for one another. From there, the most beautiful shapes will happen. 
Sending love to everyone from Tulum as I head home to Los Angeles. 📷: @actionhiro ❤️ #liveinspired #yogajournal #yogaretreat #yoga
#YJInfluencer @lauren.taus closing out my retreat here @habitastulum and feeling profound gratitude for the community I brought together. This creation was one of generous vulnerability and fierce courage. I am deeply humbled, especially given my own teacher @isaacpenayoga’s willingness to work with me.

Each day @our_habitas, we spent time connecting with each other via important, meaningful questions and quiet minutes gazing into each other’s eyes. Everyone grew, including me. 
Today, I guided my students through a ten minute meditation while they looked into each other’s eyes, and though most cried, almost all of them said it was easy. I prepared them to go deep, and they were ready. 
The theme of my retreat was love and we celebrated! We started with a marriage, moved into a 40th birthday and a 29th wedding anniversary today. These major milestones heightened the love we are all working to increase inside of ourselves. 
For days, we all moved through asana, danced, spoke truths, swam in cenotes, bathed in Mayan clay, swam in the ocean, basked in a sound bath and ate beautiful food. We honored each other, and more importantly, we honored ourselves. We practiced a beautiful yoga. Please join me next time and follow my journey @lauren.taus. 📷: @actionhiro 🙏🏼 #yogajournal #yoga #yogaretreat #taustribe #liveinspired
#YJInfluencer here @lauren.taus on Day 3 of retreat @habitastulum. I’m here with a dharma lessons for you. Separation is an illusion, a hallucination really.

The truth is that we are all intricately, intimately and forever interconnected. Nothing changes that, not even death. 
As well, we are all mirroring each other - all of us, and I’ve never felt more whole than I do right now, sharing my heart with my tribe. 
My students have asked me so many bold questions here, and a lot about me: How did I get here? Well, I worked hard, not just externally, but I internally. Over the years, I’ve turned a profound self hatred into an honest self love. I’ve spent time sitting with the chaos of my mind, the violence, and I’ve found inside of my own skin a beautiful new land where Im learning to rest. I welcome others into this space, and the energy there allows them to rise into their own majesty.

I try to lead by example, but remember that progress is never a straight line up on a chart. We move through ebbs and flows into our natural highest selves and we have to work diligently daily. Let’s keep going together.

In love, dance, water, sound, touch, breath, movement, and joy!!!! #liveinspired #yogajournal #yoga
#YJInfluencer @lauren.taus on the second full day of my retreat @habitastulum. My heart feels like a champagne flute. I am bubbling over with joy, watching 40 recent strangers deeply connect and delight in all of the experiences that I have worked so hard to create. 
Today, I am asking everyone to tell me what they love about themselves. Many itch at first. Then, they start speaking - and smiling. Listening to people talk about their own, special awesome is fun and fulfilling! 
Personally, I’m appreciating my big, expansive heart and my ability to bring so many, diverse people together. I’m appreciating the reflection I see of myself through my wildly, stunning tribe. I’m grateful for my courage to speak the truth in a way that touches peoples hearts and helps them relax a little more deeply into the depths of their own goodness. 
Feeling so alive after a day of meditation, yoga practice and adventure. Today I went swimming with twenty of my students in a mangrove with a crocodile we named Alejandro, and we played at the cenote sacatun. #seetheworld #goin 🐊❤️🙏🏼💦 #taustribe #liveinspired #loveyourself #reflection #whatdoyoulove #relaxback #insidejob #dothework #adventure #wanderlust #travel #happy #smile #truth #love #delight #goodness
#YJInuencer @lauren.taus here @habitastulum, and my retreat is in full swing! We have already practiced asana for hours, quietly gazed into each other’s eyes for minutes at a time, answered juicy questions and cried. We are eating delicious, locally sourced, organic food and making deep connection to ourselves and to each other. 
This afternoon, @actionhiro (with me here) will be teaching a partner acrobatic workshop. We will practice trusting each other, and playfully shifting our perspective. 
Tonight, we will practice again, enjoy a sound bath and then dance! 
For me, yoga is about being alive in the time that we are here. It’s about consciousness and freedom, writing our own, beautiful stories and realizing our connection to the larger tapestry of existence. After all, these incarnations are precious, short and unpredictable. I’ve buried my sister and my mom. I know from my own experience that we only have now. In a way that is only positive, death informs how I live and I want us all to work together and lovingly enjoy the ride! 
Question of the day: Tell me about a relationship in your life that’s been a catalyst for change. 
#liveinspired #yoga #yogajournal
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Hello again! I am #YJInfluencer @lauren.taus and I’m here to share my yoga retreat @habitastulum. The journey begins today and the theme is love!! As a reminder, yoga means to yolk or bring together, and the more connected we are to ourselves, the more available we are for loving connection with others. Yoga, then, is purely, love.

Over the course of our stay, we will move through twice daily asana practice with the intention to go in, to feel and to explore inner landscape. The movement will offer us a way to be more at home in our bodies and to discover inside of them all of the endless possibilities that exist there. We will disarmer ourselves to land in our already, perfect wholeness. 
We will also engage in group exercises designed to facilitate authentic connection. For example, every day, we will spend quiet time (2 minutes, morning and night) gazing into the eyes of an other. Set a timer, and try it at home! Watch what comes up for you, and please share with me about it. I’d love to hear. 
We will answer meaningful questions in small groups. Today’s question (sneak peek!): What’s the myth you tell yourself about yourself and what do you know to be be true? 
I’ll tell you my answer. For a long time, I’ve believed that I’m not lovable. What a fib! I know that I am already fiercely loved, and deeply loveable. What’s your answer? I want to know. 
Friends and yogis, with wet, salty hair and wide open arms, I invite you to please follow along here as I share this journey of 40 souls from the beaches of Tulum! #liveinspired #yogajournal #yoga
Cheers from Tulum!! I’m #YJinfluencer @lauren.taus, and I’m taking over this account for my second annual yoga retreat @habitastulum. The theme for the trip is LOVE in all of its many forms, and, of course, it begins with YOU.

A little about me: I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga since 2000. Asana has been my home and temple for the last 18 years. It’s the one place that I can always go to discover, to grow and to rest. 
Yoga is my mirror for life, and it helps me to see everything more clearly. It guides me into more alignment with the creation of new, healthier patterns in movement and thought. 
Personally, and as a teacher, I welcome laughter and joy as much as sadness, fear and heartbreak. I embrace the wild, beautiful adventure of living - for all of us. 
With a background in clinical therapy, I also bring a compassionate mindfulness to everything that I do. It’s my goal for this trip to help my students feel, see, taste, touch and hear more fully. It’s my goal that everyone fall a little deeper in love with themselves and with each other. I wish this for you too. Happy Valentines Day from me @our_habitas. Welcome to the adventure! 😘 📷: @actionhiro 🙏🏼 #yogajournal #yoga #reTREATyourself #yogaretreat
As promised, in our mission to report on the #MeToo movement, we are helping @yoga_girl collect stories related to sexual abuse and misconduct in our yoga community. If you have a story and are willing to share, please send it to Rachel Brathen at (Note that they will not be shared without your consent.) A big namaste to all of the yogis who have come forward, and know that we are deeply committed to covering this story. Stay tuned and follow us @yogajournal #yogajournal as the story unfolds. Link in bio ⬆️ #yoga #namaste
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