Yoshi Nagasako 長迫 吉拓

Yoshi Nagasako 長迫 吉拓 Follow

2016 Olympian | リオ五輪BMX日本代表
From Japan | 出身: 岡山県笠岡市 🇯🇵
Based in Aigle, Swizterland | 拠点: スイス🇨🇭
Photo / Film / Edit @YN_LENS
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I had some fun racing in China🇨🇳 it was good for me to see that level of race in Asia!
I’m back to Swiss and ready for the last half of the season! 
Photo by @ath_chaimayo and @songyanxing
Thank you for ALL the support!! Congrats to all the winners who made your own goals. I really enjoyed riding and I saw this time world championships were something next level than the other past world champs.
It has been getting very hot weather in Europe and the quality is getting higher with the team @wcc_cycling! 
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My @harorace has taken me to a lot of places and I have had opportunities to meet many people. But I have decided to stay in the @wcc_cycling team and ride on the team bike. 
I can’t thank @motocrossinternational enough which is Haro Japan and I wouldn’t be here today without them. 
Thank you very much!!
World Cup #5 today and #6 tomorrow!
📍Papendal, I posted race vlog on my YouTube channnel #YNLENS
Have a good weekend! 📸 @bmxracingpictures

#bmx #vlog #edit #youtube #993
Another great weekend in Papendal! It’s been 5years since my first final and last night was my 2nd final. Still more to work on but it was nice to see that view again 😊
Hopefully this is a point to through to the next! Thank you everyone for supporting me! Very successful weekend for @wcc_cycling team with @liamphillips65 !

チーム代表の@yudai_nittaから始まり、@kobayashi_yuuka, そして僕。次に@tomohiro_fukaya と @@a.kota14089 に続いていくのでお楽しみに!@dreamseeker_official
One of my lap today... Happy to manage my front wheel away from @niclong64 😅 Ended up today with 5th in Quarter today. #bmx #993
It was good racing in Zolder last weekend!
This weekend is the World Cup season opener and getting ready for it 🙌🏼
Stay tuned for another vlog on my YouTube if you wanna see some tight racing😎
📸 @bmxracingpictures
Sunny to rainy. It’s good to ride outside after spent some time in Manchester indoor at the cold peak in the winter 😅
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Everyone knows how this feels like 🙈 Thanks @quillan96 😂