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Follow our journey sourcing and finding new innovative ways to find products to flip online. Any questions just ask!

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If anyone knows someone looking for Baby Gear let them know I have it. Strollers, Car Seats, Car Bases ect. I would appreciate it. DM me!
After last week working our butts off with the TRU hauls. We needed a little relaxation.
Hey everyone please vote for my buddy @princepatel for the eBay Shine Award. Link is in his profile. Give him a follow as well, he’s a beast!
This is from the first Toys R Us we cleaned out! 2 days later we did another one with even more stuff 😳
This guy today!  Told him no sleeping on the job 🙄
Told my pup sales were up the past 2 days but he didn’t care lol
Late night listing. I’m pulling an all nighter. All 477 units are going up before I sleep. I feel like @wiredbybiz 😂😂
When a Beauty Supply store closes and you hit them hard at the liquidation auction.
Still going!!
Just walking in the mall saw this store.  Wonder what kind of damage @theclutchswag @thehustlebee @hustlerhacks can do here
Ebay cracking down on everything! Just listed a sexual enhancement product and within an hour taken down and 3 day suspension! What gets me annoyed is when sourcing you literally see a TON of sellers that all their listings are this type of product. If it’s banned then ban all the listings!
Did pretty good at auction day. Hit them hard but not as hard as I wanted to. No super huge flips like @wiredbybiz 😂😂