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Supporting folks in #westernmass who want more mental resilience 🧠, physical strength 💪 and flexibility🤸🏻‍♀️ in their lives. Come hang with us.

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Pleeeeeeeeeeze tell us below! Describe that shit in DE. TAIL.
Watching Resetters get sooooooo strong from the inside out. We change workouts each week. Saying goodbye to this one is harder than usual #👋
Read. The. Reviews.
The summer camp (for grownups) you need (no, seriously) IS COMING. DM us your email address to receive info about #CampKyhooya
Middle of the week cuteness break #djangoforever
#groupex leaders are ALWAYS trying to Walk. That. Line. Between love and ‘hate’. We want you to hate us just a little. 🤣😂🤣
New move. Who dis?
Hey @trxtraining Here’s a marketing idea for folks who complete the 6 big training modules. Send us a binder 😂🤣😂 it’s too good of information not to have at my fingertips!!!
Channel your INSISTENT CLOWN archetype (funny clown, not creepy 🤡) and kill this day with your light and ideas.
TRX addiction happens ONE PERSON AT A TIME (or in the case of last Saturday, 4 people at a time 🤣) When should we offer our intro class again? Monthly? Every other month?