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Level III #Spinning instructor teaching in #westernmass Django's favorite biped. Brand Strategist by day. Move how it feels good to move.

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Triceps and glute goodness!
More CORE!
Are you working hard and resting equally hard? No active rest diminishes your power over time. Power to change a mind, a process, the world. #rest
I'm pretty sure @trxtraining is changing my life. Because it's definitely changing my core and my leg strength imbalances
#sundayvibes looking at this face is helping a little.
Lateral @bosu_fitness squats
Single leg squats with a @trxtraining assist.
Dear white men saying #homophobic #racist #mysogynist dumb ass shit to me: this is what my face looks like right before I SET👏🏼YOU👏🏼ON👏🏼A👏🏼BETTER👏🏼PATH #shutthefuckup #beabetterhuman #themoreyouknow #getreadyforwords #putyourlisteningearson #sittight
If you need help, there is help. You are never alone in the dark. We are with you. If you are in that kind of pain, visit @nationalsuicideprevention and @afspnational
Leg @trxtraining day woooooooboy #gonnabesore
It's good juju to share your workout space with a theater company. #ect #enchantedcircle ESPECIALLY WHEN THEYRE MAKING AWESOME SHIT