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It is feeling like Spring folks! Are you an experienced farmer who loves to work with youth of all ages and is committed to social justice in the food system? Come join our team! Help us spread the word! Link for job description and application on our website and in bio 🎉
Feeling the love over here 💖Thank you for the love notes and your support #annualcampaign #writingthankyounotes #keepgoing #howtoeffectpositivechangeinthefoodsystem
Happy New Year YFP friends! 
Starting on January 18th The Youth Farm and My Brother's Keeper of Ithaca will be offering free culturally-appropriate cooking workshops at GIAC for teens of color and a parent/guardian. Here is the registration form. If you are interested or have other questions please email YFP's farm and food justice educator, Laura at lauran.arias! ☮️🌈💖
As some of you know, we experimented with growing sesame seeds this year (amazing btw, check out @fruition_seeds for northern adapted varieties!) After A LOT of cleaning, these seeds have transformed into a delicious treat! We are excited to offer Sesame Brittle available *ONLY* at the Press Bay Alley Holiday Market, 12/21, 4:30-7:30pm! Makes another great gift! Come see us for potatoes, onions, and Jam too! #surprise #sesamebrittle #sesameseeds #sesamum #indicum
It's on people! Come see us at the Press Bay Holiday Market on December 21st to get some of this deliciousness!! Makes a great gift and supports our programs! We will also have potatoes, onions, and another surprise treat for sale ;) Shout out to @crookedcarrot for helping us out with these great labels
Coming soon to a holiday market near you! Youth farmers are cooking up some sweet and spicy deliciousness to share. Perfect gift for the foodie in your life, or anyone that likes to eat! 🌶️ Stay tuned for details! #sweetandspicy #jam #redcurrants #jalepeños #tasty
2010- YFP's very first season. We were babieesss!!! We spent that summer farming with these youth, trying to figure out irrigation, fencing, and the whole mulching was a hot summer and we battled weeds (!) but it was beautiful. Our mission and vision were born. We were trying to create a safe space for young people to not just learn about farming, but to experience all of it. We wanted them to have an opportunity to build relationships with each other beyond the kind made in the classroom. An opportunity for connecting, healing, challenging oneself, and supporting each other. An opportunity to know our food system, and the discrepancies within it. A place to grow food for the community. We knew it had to be accessible, in all ways, to all peoples. We had no idea what was going to come of all of it or predicted all the ways we've grown, flourished and struggled. Becoming an anti-racist organization is a process, and we are still very much in that process! We couldn't have imagined all the ways the young people that have come through our programs have shaped what we do and our own lives. We have come a long way babes 😻 #tbt #keepgoing #mushypost #nostalgia @katiebchurch @swarcraft @noawesley @rane.bullion @psavant07 @rafaflocka @soil_joe9
Stranger Things farm edition #strangerthings #thevines
What a nice surprise to get in the mail! The YES program, one of our biggest collaborators, supporters, and fans, put YFP on the cover of their summer review!  This is a pic of 2017 Summer Program participant Yahinese in the greenhouse! #youthfarmproject #collaborate #opportunitiesforyouth  #summeryouthemploymentprogram #YESithaca #communityorganizing
Roasting poblanos with our young volunteers from the @thelearningweb ! We also processed jalapeños to get ready for jam!
Huge thank you to this crew from Cornell, 3 different student groups represented, the LINK, the Engaged Ambassadors, and the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. We spent the afternoon doing some pretty difficult work, and they all busted out some major moves. AND they were fun to hang out with #intothestreets #volunteersrock  #bighearts #thankful #gettingreadyfor  #willnotsaythewordyet