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1. Which artist performed at the manning cup Final versus St. Georges College and Kingston College 
2 who won the manning cup final and what was the final score. 
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Answer these two questions and win a data package 
1. Which 2 teams are in the manning cup final?

2 . Which 2 teams are in the Issa digicel Champions cup?

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In this weeks Youthlink top performers from the dark blues  from Old hope Jamaica College #jcawards #onecollege @jamaicacollege @fervetsoccer
Do you think that many of our girls especially in rural jamaica need to depend on a man to be successful. Read what our dear counsellor doctor hylton as to say.
find out what motivates alan to compete on the race track.
#YLSpotlight: College student and former inmate Percy B Aiden* has received the assistance of Lady Allen who reached out to him after reading his story in the Youthlink series, #AboveItAll. Watch full video on @jamaicagleaner Youtube page or read the story online at the link in our bio!
*Name changed to protect identity

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Grab a copy of today's Youthlink to read about #RisingStar @delandocolley! Available everywhere inside your Tuesday Gleaner 🤗🤗 #Youthlink #AllAboutYOUth #ArtisteFeature
What was your favorite story from the #AboveItAll series? Tell us in the comments below and let's chat!
#AboveItAll #Youthlink #AllAboutYOUth
Check out our feature on social media influencer @shanzi.a in a special edition of #RecommendedByTheStars! Available in today's Gleaner islandwide! #Youthlink #AllAboutYOUth #AsSaidByShanice
Comment your answers below!
They all got the bag, now you can! Slight change of plans: Quiz will be uploaded today at 3:30pm. 
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#AboveItAll Quiz for Week 6 of 6 goes live tonight at 7pm.

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