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Weaver's stories.
Hand weaving in contemporary and traditional designs, Indonesia.

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The soul becomes dyed with the color of its though. Feels like life imitates art, or art imitates life..?
With wisdom comes the desire of simplicity.
Between the lines offers a fashion driven interpretation of stripes in varying scales and textures with simply color combination. 💙
Part of being humans is that we cant go back, we can only hope that if we come across that moment again we'll do it the right way.
Somewhere around here its begin. Start with the yarn and see where the wax takes you.
Slow and steady.
Discipline is a choice.it's simple constantly choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.
A unique way to discover the patterns. With three different  layered on top of each others like texture glazed. this textile is made up of 99% courage and 1% hardwork. 🙍
Reality is made up of circles but we expect to see straight lines.
WAGEN #kemarin #cerah
Shades of yarn in row.
One from the archives,and we're very excited about the new addition to our bible swatch, and just in time i heard rumour that rain was on the way ⛈⛈