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Yuzuri Liqueur: a Japanese Liqueur from fresh, local Japanese yuzu citrus fruit, distilled from local rice & mountain water. #DiscoverYuzu
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Friday feels with “Jade in the Rough” #yuzuriliqueur #gin #gardenrocket #lime #TGIF 📸: @theoffalo
Falling in love with Nobu’s Yuzu Cherry Sour! Honored to be featured in @nobusandiego ‘s cocktail of the month!
Finding fortune in this “Magic 8 Ball” via @jazzyleegarcia
Always inspired by nature and simplicity. A simple photo captured from our yuzu orchard in Kyushu, Japan last fall - reminiscent of our bottle label, designed by @why_site.
A fall favorite - the Aki Hana, means “autumn flower” in Japanese.
Simple to make, and easy to enjoy!
- 0.75 oz Yuzuri Liqueur
- 1.5 oz @KikoriWhiskey
- 0.5 oz Lillet Rouge
- 5 dashes of Japanese pepper bitters from @bar.matt1
- Edible flowers to garnish
Stir and serve.
Gourmet dishes, beauty products, essential oils, beer and even cold-remedies! 
Rich in vitamin C & antioxidants, yuzu fruit is increasingly being used by westerners for more than just delicious cocktails! 
How do you yuzu?
Served up. Experience the flavors of Japan with the Nakajima 75 at @shinmaioakland, meticulously balanced with Yuzuri Liqueur, gin, pickled ginger syrup, yuzu, shiso, and sparkling wine. Cocktail created by @1ozpour. 📷: @boozehoundcc #DiscoverYuzu
Crowd pleaser. Mix up Yuzuri cocktails for your next event or night when you’re entertaining at home. Handcrafted into a shaken cocktail or poured on the rocks, your guests will be singing your praises. #DiscoverYuzu
Made for you. Each bottle of Yuzuri Liqueur is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail so every sip is equally enjoyable whether blended in your favorite cocktails, or simply over ice. #DiscoverYuzu
Simply timeless. Whatever the season, enjoy Yuzuri Liqueur straight, over ice, or mixed with your favorite cocktails. #DiscoverYuzu
Yuzuri, your way. Try @jennnnkneefurr’s take on a Japanese Old Fashioned, enhanced with Yuzuri Liqueur, honey, and orange bitters. #DiscoverYuzu
📷: @jennnnkneefurr
Don’t forget the garnish. You can find the Yuzuri Mojito on the cocktail menu at @dragonfly_doral. #DiscoverYuzu