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Wanna peek inside @caboodlemagazine founder @kaytipeschke's workspaces? There's a link to our #StudioSweetStudio interview in my profile πŸ’– Frank the dachshund and Ozzy the whippet make at least one cameo too 😍  #caboodlemagazine
I'm trying hard to be better at having my picture taken, while encouraging everyone else to do the same! I have no idea why I find having a camera pointed at me so uncomfortable, there's no logic in it really! πŸ™ˆ So my top tips forΒ  having your photo taken at a Colour Walk or event or anywhere really are...
1. Grab a friend (or several)! It's easier to have your photo taken with someone else, you can bounce off each other. 
2. Start with some Boomerangs! If there's two (or more) of you in the shot, hand one person's phone to someone to take Boomerangs and another person's phone to someone else to take a bunch of photos while you're acting like a fool for Boomerang. This way you capture all of the magic and you get some more natural photos too. 
3. Ask your photographer to take lots of photos (and hand them your phone/camera so you don't have to spend ages swapping photos afterwards). If you have a continuous shooting setting then make use of that! That way you'll have lots of options to go through later and you capture the bits between poses too. 
4. Photographers: shout silly phrases at us! Ask us weird questions! Heckle us! My favourite shots are always the natural ones where I'm reacting to someone else, rather than awkwardly static and posing! (you may have noticed my go-to pose is mouth wide open and ✌🏻✌🏻, this is my safety blanket!)
5. Easier said than done... But HAVE FUN! Try not to worry about strangers on the street judging you, you'll never see them again. Don't beat yourself up about feeling awkward, just embrace it. You're all bloody gorgeous and nobody else is like you, embrace your awkwardness and get in front of the camera.I guarantee in future you'll look back on photos of yourself fondly!

Please remind me of this next time I refuse to have my photo taken, I'm not very good at taking my own advice!

#officialrainbowhunter #incolourfulcompany
When I designed the #OfficialRainbowHunter badge I never for one second thought it'd become a legit job title for me πŸ˜‚ Can't wait to get stuck into all things @incolourfulcompany! 🌈 I'm spending today looking at my finances and all of my jobs and working out how to make it all work better for me... I feel a little bit sick about it but also excited for what's to come πŸŽ‰ Also how great are the decals @kimsnailedit made for our goody bags? If you try yours out please tag us so we can see! 🌈 #kimsnailedit #incolourfulcompany
Just been looking through #DungareeAppreciationSociety and getting some outfit ideas! How do you style your dungas? I love @lucyandyak and a jazzy vintage shirt πŸ‘Œ (πŸ“· by @kayleymills)
Pop over to @incolourfulcompany to find a very exciting announcement! 🌈 🌈🌈 For those of you who saw my Stories about overwhelm the other day and sent me an encouraging message, THANK YOU. I am so lucky to be able to do what I love for the most part and I plan to use the remaining part of 2018 to figure out how I can keep doing those things, while cutting out the bits that don't make me so happy πŸ’– I appreciate this community and the opportunities it has thrown my way SO BLOODY MUCH and I am incredibly excited about what's to come πŸŽ‰ Yesterday I got to lead a Colour Walk around Islington for the @molliemakes #handmadeawards and this wall in Angel seemed like the perfect location to take the guests and nominees for a little photoshoot. Video to follow soon! #incolourfulcompany #officialrainbowhunter #dowhatyoulove
This was intended for IGTV but my laptop was refusing to export it as a portrait video, so here you are! I hope I captured even one tenth of how magical yesterday was 🌈 I have more fun with @incolourfulcompany coming up tomorrow... Along with a rather exciting announcement, coming soon! πŸ’– #incolourfulcompany #officialrainbowhunter
It's true, we are 🌈🌈🌈 Massive Thanks to everyone who came and braved the heat for today's @incolourfulcompany Colour Walk. I had SO MUCH FUN! Shout out to co-hosts @kimruthlucas and @imbeingerica and to @elephantbum who designed and printed our goody bags 😘 Come and join us in Margate in August where @luckydipclub is hosting a whole weekend of rainbow hunting and good vibes! #incolourfulcompany #officialrainbowhunter
If you're coming to the Colour Walk on Saturday and you're wearing a Rainbow Hunter pin please give me a nudge! I always intend to photograph people wearing them on the walks and totally fail πŸ˜‚ 🌈 #OfficialRainbowHunter #incolourfulcompany
⚠ALERT!⚠Issue 8 of @caboodlemagazine is up for pre order NOW and the first 100 orders will get a rather excellent @hellohellododo patch πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† The crafts in this issue are all botanical themed and I can't wait to share them all with you 🌿🌿🌿 #caboodlemagazine #vegout #hellododo
I may not have done the 10 things I stupidly decided to put on my to do list this weekend... But I did sit the in sand, read my book watch dogs swim after sticks, eat tapas and finalise the route for our @incolourfulcompany walk this coming Saturday! πŸ‘ I also had what I hope is a REALLY GOOD idea earlier. When will I learn that it's only when I stop and relax that the ideas come?!_____🌈 Wanna come and hunt rainbows with me, @kimruthlucas @imbeingerica and lots of other colourful people in east London? Join @incolourfulcompany on Facebook to find the event page. 🌈_____#OfficialRainbowHunter #InColourfulCompany #DSStorefronts
Guess who the #luckydipclub Lucky Socks designer is next month... IT'S ME!!! I've designed a pair of colourful and uplifting socks which are a bit of a combination of two of my most popular designs. That's all you're getting in terms of clues. If you want a pair, head to @luckydipclub and sign up by 30th June (this Saturday) to receive your socks around this time next month πŸ’– I don't think the Happy Pins designer has been announced yet, but trust me when I say you're gonna want a combo box! I had such a blast interviewing the designer the other day. πŸŽ‰ As usual we'll also have a mini mag full of excellent subscriber content based around the theme "uplift" and designer interviews. It would have been weird if I interviewed myself, so I've roped in @kaytipeschke to do it. Go and sign up for a box while you can! 🌈 #nothinglikenewsocks
Kinda obsessed with @lorelai_lq's pink jacket and pin combos (they need their own hashtag Lorelai!) πŸ’– I actually bought this jacket and sent it back... Which I'd fully regret if I hadn't just bought a pink denim jacket! Tap the pic for makers ✌🏼 #spreadthegirlpower #luckydipclub #incolourfulcompany