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Last summer I had the chance to produce the image clip for @elikos_helicopterservice in the Dolomites. Beside lot of fun with Gabriel and his crew it was an unforgettable experience flying over those majestic mountains. Swipe and check out this clip + an uncutted version of flying over the seceda ridge - which most of you know from picture 1. 
Thx @julian__bogner for great assistance.
Actually our plan was to leave the winter behind and enjoy the warm temperatures in south of Europe. Just remembering Mike Tyson’s words.. „Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face“ 🤷‍♂️Winter is back ☃️🤦🏻‍♂️
Who is also in love with roadtrips? What I really love about it, is the freedom to find unexpected places throughout the journey. Like here... NOT 😅 let’s be honest.. Felt in love with this place. For me it is important to have a great view, but be as much as possible invisible (as we have mostly strict rules in Europe) - what a combination 👌🏻 I drove here two hours around to find an overnight. Unfortunately it was way to windy everywhere. We ended up on a parking in a village 🤷‍♂️😁
Who would love to paddle here through? Certainly one of the most beautiful locations for a kayak tour in Europe. Gorges Du Verdon in France. 
BTW: I get my kayaks from @prijongmbh. Made in Germany 🚣‍♀️❤️ [AD]
The Benagil Cave. Certainly one of the most spectacular caves in Europe. Accessible only by the sea! 
The water is freezing cold. The waves are bigger than myself. Should I risk it? My dream was to discover this cave by kayak. And I am very happy to made the decision not to enter it with my wild water kayak. To be honest, I was sitting the very first time in my kayak and also it was the very first time kayaking the ocean. After coming through the waves it was an incredible feeling paddling along the shore. But my rationality said: No dude, don’t enter this cave alone with this kayak!
And then luckily I met @denko_calisthenics back on the beach. He asked me how far he need to swim over. Dennis is an advanced surfer from Aruba. The shop owner from Benagil, with whom I discussed the situation two days before, was so kind to rent me his sea kayak for free. Together with Dennis we started this adventure. Entering this cave by kayaking was way more crazy as I expected! A huge wave smashed me down and I felt the power of the rough ocean. I am really not a water guy 🙈 As you can see on the recordings I lost all my stuff. The kayak was washed away like a little toy. My two cameras were lost for some seconds and also the paddle. Thanks Dennis for being with me, saving my stuff and your help overall to come back! Great to feel so much love and help in such a risky situation from someone you don’t really know ❤️💦
Anyone up for some hot spring in Europe? Saturnia, located in Tuscany, Italy is the way to go. The water flows into naturally carved travertine pools at a constant 37°C.
Views high above Monaco, the second smallest country in the world. Any idea what is the smallest? 🤔
Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I am lost. 
A horse rider in front of a volcano at Mount Bromo in Indonesia.
This is my happy place.
What is your most memorable waterfall experience? Mine is from Indonesia. First day we enjoyed some spectacular views on Tumpak Sewu from above. The day after we started the hike until we reached the water masses at the bottom. Such an intensive experience 🔥
Approaching the Old Man of Storr...
This is a must do spot being in Scotland. The most beautiful sunrise I have seen during my journey through this magnificent country. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Who of you have been also here or is planing to go?
Morning sunrise at lake Walchensee. Looking forward for camping days like this again. Good company, bone fire, hammock and great scenery around. There is so much beauty in simplicity 🏖🔥🏕 w/