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I’m the dude, playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude.

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*slowly twirls moustache”
Happy birthday, old man! You don’t look a day past 75. 😘 Now stop running into my fist! 💅#supermanis80 @henrycavill
¡Besos, mami! @evalongoria #doinitanddoinitanddoinitwell 💅
Mid-April. Toronto. I have no words. Other than, “Mid-April. Toronto. I have no words. Other than,”. 😐
Same Shaz-time. Same Shaz-channel. 😏
It’s about to get Jurassic up in hurrr. 🏀🦖 @raptors #TheNorth
It’s like the old saying goes, “Hard work, over time, plus chicken & broccoli, minus carbs, divided by whey protein, in which “X” represents the amount of supplements and “Y” represents the sentiment of “WHY the hell am I doing this to myself?!”, multiplied by shameless selfies whilst staring into nowhere...carryyy theee ooone...equals results.” 📸 by @ericblackmon / “Tan” by Hefe Filter / Body by Jake. 👏💃
Hahahaha! @henrycavill yooouuu cheeekyyy...
Brought to you by coffee.
Because occasionally you find yourself in a house with an atrium. And occasionally you feel compelled to photograph said atrium. Happy birthday @nickmcnaught! Thanks for a swell party!
Exactly one year, and 365 sleeps, away. Dasswassup. 💅 @shazammovie #earthsmightiestmortal #stillpinchingmyself
Give us this day, our daily joe, and forgive us our crankiness, as we forgive those who be cranky AF against us. 🙏