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I’m the dude, playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude.

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‘Twas a cheeky weekend indeed.
A cheeky weekend away in NYC? Why yes, yes I will partake in that.
Happy Valentine’s Day folks. 😘
Gryffin Solo. Scruffy lookin Nerf herder. At. Your. Service. #iwanttoeatthischild @mcgdop @shekinaheden
So much snow,
In To-ron-to,
So off we go,
For cap-puc-ci-no. ☕️ @jackdgrazer @ericblackmon #Shazam #RandosNotIncluded
Just laughed and learned so much watching @sordociego’s @netflix special, “Standup for Drummers”. Fred Armisen’s talent is beyond. If for no other reason, though there are many, go watch it for his 6 minute riff on accents across the US. It’s some of the best I’ve ever heard/seen. Major kudos all around. #comeforthelaughsstayforthedrums
Another day, another opportunity to be mistaken for @johnkrasinski. 🙏 #Krasinskied (Go see @aquietplacemovie!)
Under this cloak...I’m wearing my full Shazam! outfit. Jealoussssssssss??? #firstlook #likeaglooooooove
I love swine. That is all. #breaky
I think Michelangelo would be pretty chuffed on this. #sistinedisney #gryffinchronicles
When fighting evildoers, I typically like to use my various super powers. But in a pinch, it’s nice to have a Grease Gun on hand. Particularly if I run into any Nazis. 💅 #dontbeanazi (📸 @ericblackmon)
‘Member when I didn’t have a @nintendo Switch and I was really sad and stuff. Well NOT NO MORRRE suckas! Cuz now I gotz one and its all miiiiiiiinnnnnne. 🤪#gift #thankyounintendoandstuff