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I’m the dude, playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude.

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My new travel buddy. I FELT the need to share. 😏 #ccxp #fangift #emotionalsupportshazam
🙏 #ccxp
We came. We saw. We SHAZAM’D! Thank you @ccxpoficial for being such an amazing host to your amazing event. And a massive, MASSIVE thank you to the incredible people of Brazil, who showed up in FORCE and showered us with the most life-giving love a guy could ever hope for. I cannot wait to return to your beautiful country, and see your beautiful faces again. Tchau! 😘🇧🇷💃 #ccxp #tchaufornow @shazammovie
Shazam meets Jesus. ⚡️😇 #ccxp #fanart #blessed #literally 🙏
Cuz sometimes you need a steak. And sometimes that steak is a straight up brontosaurus rib. 🦕🥩
Prazer em conhecê-lo, Brasil. 😘
What a treat to have worked on this show, with these two insanely talented women. Congrats to them and the entire cast and crew for garnering these well deserved nominations. #TitsUp @maiseltv @rachelbrosnahan @alexborstein
#CCXP bound with @themichaelrosenbaum. 🙌
Heyooo! The new poster for @ShazamMovie is herrre! Aaannnd, there’s a new trailer coming in the new year. 😉 #SHAZAMMovie - in theaters April 5th. Mark. Them. Calendars. Y’all. 💁‍♀️⚡️
The time has come, my friends. @maiseltv has returned to @amazonprimevideo in all its marvelous glory. Take your time watching it, or binge it all at once. Either way, devour it with all your senses, and enjoy the tasty fruits of many talented folk’s labor. 🙌
About to go live to the east coast on @thetalkcbs. I hope they’re gentle. 😬
I👏cant👏with👏this👏kid! My nephew wins. He wins all the things. #nelfphew @shekinaheden @mcgdop