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Jus tryin ta make a dolla outta fitteen cents. 👏💃

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A big thanks to all the nerds who came out and supported my live show with @syfy this weekend, and doubly to those who came and danced their asses off. Whoever hurled this hat to me last night on stage, know that I'm straight rockin it with pride. 💅 #kittysgotclaws
People of earth. My first Reddit AMA is happening on Friday. Do come by. u/Zachary_Levi 💃
I left 4 Chicken Nuggets on a table near the Stage Door Cafe, should anyone feel peckish. 👌
BIG bada-boom. @disney #MultiPass
Trying to make my way to the convention center, and Lil' Spidey and I got shook down by the Fuzz. 😏@Disney
Gotta start the teachin' when they're youngins. 💃 @shekinaheden @mcgdop #Gryffindor
This lil' stretch of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" just warms my heart. #relationshipgoals @katehudson
I think I've got a future in "Children's Books on Tape" y'all. My friend's kids think I'm a GENIUS! @peppa_pig_official
Happy 4th y'all. May you find, embrace, and own your independence. Always. 🙏
Fire Ants bites = soaking your feet in a Bud Light cooler full of stuff you soak your feet in. 👍
Sun. Day.