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faith at an all time high
C U T S ⚔️ for me and my boy
I've had to fight to get to where I am today and I'll keep fighting to go forward and never stop. 
I could go deep into detail, but I'll try to keep it kinda short. When I wrote YNG X DTRMND, even ROCKY, I was going through one of the hardest times in life I've ever been through. I talk about fighting in those songs, but some don't know I'm talking about fighting spiritually for the things I believe in. Family stuff and personal stuff. Just a young man facing real things and working to lead a Godly life tryna figure it all out. I was facing a point of almost letting everything go with music and some other things because I wasn't satisfied at all with the way it was going. My faith in God and people was truly tested. I had to have answers and I dug deep in life and prayer. God started showing Himself to me and answering prayers like I had never seen before. My vision for my music changed and my outlook on life changed. I stopped doing "ministry". I had lost my identity in ministry. Crazy, but that kind of ministry is not for everybody. I got to come back to who He made me to be. I've just been following Him with this music plan since then, and the further I get down the road with it, His vision starts getting more and more clear to me. I see now this goes way beyond music. Since that time in my life, God has answered so many prayers. Some serious ones. If you only knew. He's done things that I knew only He could do. I had to have Him and He came through when I needed Him most. I've never been more convinced of His love and I've never been more convinced of His plans for my life and for my family. I know I will lose some fans along the road I'm going. Some people will question me. I don't live for people. I'm with Him. He's got me and I can't leave Him. 
NVR SETTLE is good, but I've got better ones coming. MOVES on the way.
Told you something was coming
Zach Banes- NVR SETTLE
Full video link in bio
Something big coming tomorrow for ZACHBANESMUSIC 💯
A lot of people have the talent.
Few people have the work ethic. 
more music coming soon
If I don't motivate or encourage somebody, I'm not fulfilling my purpose.
F E B .  2 8 T H
E I G H T  M O R E  D A Y S 
R O C K Y 
F E B .  2 8 T H