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never talk about this kind of stuff anymore cuz the last thing I wanna do is be preachy. I’ll just say, when I finally said forget all the “right” ways I should go to God, and just went to Him as me, everything changed. Real, open prayer changes everything. He’s not interested in big words. He’s just interested in you.
only getting to drop 1 song this month on the 27th but I promise it’s as good as 2. I’ll  do 3 next month. Ima do everything I can and prolly need some help from y’all getting the man @garyvee to hear this one. the hustle anthem 🙏🏼
I could name a lot more 🙏🏼
another late night in the studio last night till 2 AM working on the next song ima let out in a couple weeks and the motivational video for Monday. That’s 3 nights in a row working on the same song so I hope this stuff motivates somebody!
Glad I pushed till I got it done. Now that today’s workout is done, I can spend time with the fam and go to bed a little earlier tonight.
This is what it’s like to provide for a family, be a husband and daddy, pursue goals, and work to encourage somebody. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so freaking motivated and grateful I’ve got the opportunity to be the man I should be
you got something you wanna stand for. I bet at some point either your life, your mind, somebody, or something will try to get you to backdown. that’s what separates the ones that get it and the ones that don’t. you gotta know it’s yours and refuse to back up until the world understands you ain’t going nowhere. that’s when everything else will backdown and you’ll be the one standing where you knew you would
we have fun together and they all lookin pretty I’m just lookin pretty ugly 😶
haven’t worked out in about a month and 1/2 until today I’ve been doing so much preparation to kill EVERYTHING this year 🤓 gotta keep my promise 2 songs a month so tomorrow tried to tell em will be up on all digital outlets. backatit2018
‪startin to feel like @djkhaled
A N O T H E R  O N E
tues. 1-30-18 🤤‬
I remember when I got no visits like The Chum Bucket
Never been more excited for a year than I am for 2018. Learned and grew so much in 2017, and I finally know what I gotta do to become the man I wanna be with the life I want for me and my fam. No excuses, no wasting time. Only taking complete control and responsibility. Making my own decisions and being who I believe I’m supposed to be regardless of outside opinions. Getting rid of distractions. Not only thinking, but doing. Faith without works is dead.
I realized that if you truly want something, anything, you’ve got to do more than think and wish. You’ve got to take action. If it’s eating healthier or whatever, you gotta just do it. Every successful person has the same amount of hours in a day that everybody else has.
2015 and 2016 were hard, but they made me really start opening my eyes, mind, and heart in 2017. 
I’ve spent the past year preparing and learning for where we’re about go.
Everything is intentional.
I could say a lot, but mainly wanna say that I’m grateful for the past, in love with the present, and more than excited for the future.
In 2018, I wanna continue focusing on my family, our future, careers, and God. I wanna radiate love, joy, hope, and excitement. I wanna lift people up. And I’m excited for the year that I experience a lot of firsts while I’m going through things that I’ve envisioned my whole life. If you’re still reading, you cool. Love y’all let’s ball.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 💥🔥⚡️🔥💯
forward motion knockin down doors lessssssgetitttt
youre worth more than you know
havin fun with this now 
2018 bouta change everything
somebody listen to worth lemme know what you think