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20s is when the serious-not easy life starts
BUT! Take it easy, make it easy, don't be easy

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About 1-2 years since the last meeting at home. Finally, met each other again. Started at about 2 pm to 9 pm. From A to Z. Chatted everything. And in the end, I realise something which is serious, which is not far from surrounding, which is terrifying, maybe as terrifying as the possibilities of World War III. What's important in this world is only about peace and stability which related to economy and politics. But social life is more those! {#meetup #friendship #childhoodfriend #elementaryschoolfriend #bff #베프 #worldseriousmatter}
Be light in the dark. 
Be right among the wrong. 
Don't ever think some ones' achievement is archived easily. There is always effort behind of it. There is struggling and suffering behind of theirs successes. 
Start your life with optimism even you live in uncertain world. Never give up! 
Some ones you fanned, some ones who was in front of you, are used to be no body at first. So, nothing's impossible. Everything is possible. 
No body knows how the future will be, how and what will you be. Future is product of what you do today. And what you should do since today is... Only rely your life to Him beside do you best for everything. 
Thank you because invited my campus (again) and allowed me to attend yesterday's event which gave me strength and confident to face my future. {#dream #future #optimism #미래외교관}
This moment was on two weeks a day ago. 
We wanted to gather because of one of us will have furlough for a year and we won't be able to meet each other often, especially at campus. Even we are still in the same campus with this old semester and different classes to meet each other is not easy 😔

But, there will be always spare time to some ones special to be prioritised. Tho, to gather almost full team like this there was a drama and it burned myself up silently in the middle of night until I couldn't sleep in peace. Huh! 
But I love you genk! My CIPAHUY, my Cahaya Masa Depan who teach me how to be strong, how we have to believe to what believe and we have to fight for it, and to teach me what's friendship. The real one is not only share your laugh and smile but also your tears and hard time. Support each other while this cruel world against us. 
And thank you for simple but meaningful late surprise! Hihi. I'd love it as always. And thanks to spend your precious time with me and wait me enjoy myself like a kid even i'm 21 now. Hihi! 
Keep solid! Keep in touch each other no matter what no matter how! Keep be what we used to be! {#friendship #friendshipgoal #campuslife #universitylife #surprise #birthday #birthdaysurprise #latesurprise #doughnut #candel #blowitup #fighttheworld #togetheryeswecan}
I don't know with one is harder and more difficult between educate person or kitty. But since I (try to) passionately pet him and my other cats, I feel a Mom for them. At least, he and others train me how to be a good Mom in the future. 
Here it is... The new comer of our home which finally have the longest and try-to-be aesthetic name: Akucil Koko Amiru that I hope I able to make his birth official document. LMAO. {#cat #pet #vscocam #vscocat #vscopet #고양 #세상귀여워}
Di balik segitu banyak keribetan untuk seonggok boomerang yang ga di-upload sampe itu tempat berasa kaya punya sendiri, yang laen numpang.
(2/2) BTS ribet-ribet di balik foto-foto sok epik yang akan di-upload kemudian.
(1/2) BTS ribet-ribet di balik foto-foto sok epik yang akan di-upload kemudian.
Perjalanan boomerang edisi alhamdulillah akhirnya piknik juga, sila digeser ke kanan asal jangan geser juga otaknya kek yang baju kuning (LMAO); awalnya berdua @errindwika, nambah satu @fennifey, nambah satu @fristalyaz, nambah satu @selvyanaaw08. 
Untung masnya sabar, melayani perempuan-perempuan banyak mau ini.
I learn this pose from my emperor, Hwang Minhyun. The question is; do I look like as pretty as him until you hold my breath while you're looking this pic? {#holiday #amusementpark #ootd #dinosaurus #idolinspiredpose #hwangminhyun #minhyun #vscocam #vscoholiday #vscosaurus}
"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea."
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh {#beach #sea #stone #vscocam #vcsobeach #vscosea #vsconature #vscoquote #quote #belitungisland #belitung #blue #sky #skyblue #bluesky}
"Sea is cold and dark. But if I had to be wave to someone, I'd like to be a wave that's kinder."
— Kim Namjoon {#beach #sea #dark #cold #vscocam #vcsobeach #vscosea #vsconature #vscoquote #quote #kimnamjoon #namjoon #rapmonster #rapmon #RM #BTS #beyondthescene #idolquote}
"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things which give value to survival."
— C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves 
Have to be grateful for this kind of quite long lasting friendship and how it will be long lasting until we grow old together. When to meet the others is not easy, there are always some people who spare their time to meet me even it's not near, but while others too busy with their own business. Thanks guys, my besties high school fellas! {{{}}}
{#friendship #meetup #highschoolfriends #quote #begrateful}