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Tim 'cantik sama pinter aja ga cukup'.
But... I'm okay. Seriously. No joke. Not fake! 
Thanks God I'm living with many supportive people, who cheer me up when I am down, who push me forward when I stand still, who remind me when I forget.
I am not alone. Not. Never!
In the end, I hold and hug myself on my own, before it's going to be deeper, further, and harder to come out.
Under the pink umbrella, I stand alone under the downpour. When I get the paramount of my happiness, someone stops me and pushes me back. My excitement disappears. 
Straight to you eyes. I'm not able to feel anything. Empty. Emotionless. As emotionless as you do. I can't feel you were here.
First of all, thanks to kak @tiaraalvios who reminded me to prioritise attending a chamber which discuss about #Trump and make me realise I'm still doing my #thesis. HAH! While I was confused between that chamber or a chamber who invited Mr. Marty, ma luv 💕 but FORTUNATELY, Mr. Marty was in the #NY at that time. So, I was totally okay! HAHA. 
In the end, I entered a #DiplomaticClinic of #CIFP2017. And I met H.E. McArthur! Such a humble, warm, and answered my question well and smoothly! I'm grateful! He's even cute to me somehow HAHA. But he said, although #US left #TPP, #Canada is still okay and optimist with it! Such a very positive attitude!
Compared by the last year CIFP, in this #CIFP2017 I didn't bring home many things. But still Embassy of PRC booth is my fave! 💕 And this year they provided a information about study in #China and what's #scholarship the goverment provide.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a book that I wanted instead got two copies of the same titled book. Seems I have too much interest of China's history.
Thank you #CIFP2017 makes me achieved one of my bucket list comes true {{{}}} After several times I attended any events that invited him, finally, last Saturday, I met him in person, literally in person. Had a seat in front of him. Had hand shake. And we are in the same frame together. FINALLY! After I forgot or too shy to asked him to take a pic together. After I got back in the queue for twice. Here I was. 
I was okay even he said "what do you except for EU?" after my question about Trump's executive order withdrawn from TPP. 
Unfortunately, he looks getting much older now. And I don't know why. And I'm quite disappointed for this. HAHA.
"Words can make you laugh, they can make you cry, they can alter your opinion by giving you hope and wisdom and knowledge. They have an alchemic power to change the thing." ㅡ Dominic, The Lass Kiss Goodbye
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Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and enjoy the pressure.
Are you ready or not? 젝이 시작돼!~~~ Lemme start my suffering struggle which I have to be friend with it. 
Try to understand a world single power leader's background. And will anyone try to understand mine some day in the future? {#thesisfighter #grandpatrumpresearcher #trumptrumpclub #troublemakerlover #antimainstreaminspiringrolemodel}
Pardon me because of my endless obsession thread of my #MAIPA moments several weeks ago but I like it too much, so yea. 
I don't think I performed a good performance but thanks to have good colleagues with not only good physical appearance but also good, no, very good public speaking skill and also good manner and good social skill who accompanied me! {{{}}}
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