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‎سينما الجزيرة الصيفي بالمنيل و في نهاية الصورة تبدو الأهرامات، القاهرة ١٩٦٩
Listen up folks we need your help 🙌🏽, @sam3an is working on a long form writing project related to El Bira’im, possibly Palestine’s first rock n roll band.  He’s hoping to find people who may have memories of this band. Please help us spread this message as far and wide as possible so we can reach as many people who lived in Jerusalem/Al Quds during the early 70s. More info from @sam3an on the band below:

Based on my research thus far, The Blooms or (El Bira'im) were the first proper Palestinian rock n roll band. Formed in Jerusalem in the mid-to-late-1960s by siblings of the Ashrawi family, they also briefly went by the name "Triggers 5." This photo of the band sitting onstage is from a sold out show at the YMCA in 1973 in Jerusalem, the capacity of the room was about 300. Over time, they played even larger rooms around Palestine for crowds of up to 7-800 before eventually disbanding in 1976. 
The Blooms played many shows around Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem, with lyrics focusing both on the Israeli occupation and local social issues. In addition to covering English songs, they would often cover Fairuz songs in a rock n roll style.  The black and white photo was taken some time before 1973, when my father, Ibrahim, was the band's lead singer. 
During the Triggers 5 era, they were convinced by their manager to play an Israeli showcase where an Israeli fan who did not want to see Palestinians on stage threw an egg at their bass player, which caused him to be electrocuted. 
I'm hoping to find people who may have memories of the band. Are you out there? Please feel free to private message me here on Instagram.
Miss Aleppo of 1958, Maissa Al Moudarres. Submitted by @mashrouwanabqa 
ملكة جمال حلب عام 1958، ابنة العائلة الحلبية المعروفة آل مدرّس، ميساء المدرّس.
Mauritania 1950s موريتانيا
Sudan in the 1970s by Abbas Habiballah
@jessdoumit’s mother with her in-law in Lebanon, 1976. #zamaaan
One more bonus #Algeria photo✨ #dz
Algeria 1962 الجزائر
@lizzycollier’s grandmother in Syria. #zamaaan
@ayalhakim’s grandfather in Baghdad, #Iraq. #zamaaan
Anwar Diab, November 1926 - March 24, 2013

On March 19, 2013, my sister and I had both woken up uncomfortably, talking about a strange dream each of us had. Only to discover, we both had the same dream! A dream that became reality 5 days later. 6 years ago today, I remember returning home ecstatic I had done well on my Maths Final. Mama was in the kitchen looking all pretty, arranging the flowers she got from Mother’s Day three days before. Sheikh el M7shi (Kousa b Laban) was on the stove, filling the air with the mouth watering scent of cooked yoghurt. Then, a phone call from my aunt in Damascus saying Jiddo had tripped and fell in the garden again and had fainted. Her voice frantic. Something was off. A few minutes later... screams of despair. He hadn’t even been in the garden. Jiddo had woken for the morning prayer, which he always did on the chair facing the window that overlooked the Loquat tree. He had a bowl of his favourite, rice & milk, and was about to have breakfast when suddenly, he passed away.
I hadn’t seen him for 2 years since the war began in 2011. Never got the chance to visit again, kneel by his grave, wetting the soil with the tears that would certainly stream down my face. It’s incredible how much some humans remain permanently engraved in your heart and memory. I miss your bony, yet incredibly strong arms that gripped me tight in a hug every summer & winter you saw me again. Your kisses that made me laugh hysterically as your spiky white beard tickled my face and neck. I miss seeing you read the newspaper in your office & helping you in the garden, watering the jasmine bushes that grew with love, the lavender, the lemon, cherry, and apricot trees. I miss hearing the stories of your well respected father & the way you sprinkled your food with salt before tasting it the way I do. Your name fitted you perfectly. Anwar, “he glowed/lit up”. You certainly lit up every room with your respect, nobility & kindness, traits that many Damascene men & women remember you for since your youth
الله يرحمك يا جدو. بدي زورك وسلّم عليك عن قريب 
Photo and story submitted by #zamaaan
Umm Kalthoum the GOAT 🐐✨ Edit: GOAT means Greatest of All Time 😜