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I took this picture inside a cave in Mallorca last year. A little bit of magic 🌟

From the darkness all things came! 
In our darkest moments and life experiences, we are being guided to find the inner light and wisdom that we ARE! 🧬✨ The light is never out, it is just sometimes in the creative making! Everything has it’s time and infinite point of beginning and ending. 💫🌟#bigbang #lifein #lightoftheworld #youarelight #trust #creation #cosmicwomb #trueessence #lightanddark #thisisit #infinity #truth
Feeling like a sovereign Queen 👸 👑 
living by my own rules! 
Sat absorbing the strength and resilience from this ancient Scottish ground, one of the most besieged and attacked places in the world, Edinburgh’s Royal castle is somewhat bulletproof! 
It was built on the ‘castle rock’ which is a 350-million-year-old plug of an extinct volcano. Super intense energy flow. 
It can often feel that we are under attack in some aspects of life. There are times it is necessary to retreat and surrender, and times to close the draw bridges and defend our space. We can never feel safe and powerful if we do not have healthy boundaries #ruleyourlife #protectyourenergy #kingsandqueens #preservation #surrender #sovereignty #myrules
Rossyln Chapel Edinburgh! Finally I get here after a 300 mile train journey and 2 years of being told by my guides to go, (accidentally managed to arrived on the 22nd July, the feast day of Mary Magdelena!) 💒
The conspiracy theories around this chapel such as, it holds the holy grail, the remains of Jesus and Mary Magdelena’s child and has interdimensional portals and intergalactic frequencies has created global intrigue. 💫

Since the church has put a ban on any digging under here and it remains untouched for over 200 years, suggests there is something that may want to be kept a secret! 
Seemingly though the energy of Rossyln speaks for itself and has left uncountable people in no doubt that this place holds something extraordinary (including myself) 🗝👑🎁 I felt the most incredible waves of emotion, tears, downloads from Spirits and a beautiful powerful energy! Just another piece in the puzzle of becoming! 🙏🏻💕#followyourcalling #conspiracytheory #holygrail
So grateful to have a private evening with the priestess of Bali, chanting, praying and making a water purification ceremony at sunset on the full moon 17/07/19.

We sat talking and sharing stories under candle light until late into the evening.
Ida Resi Alit is on her own mission seeking help to build her ashram in Bali. 
Since the full moon was in sagittarius it was a wonderful time to clear out old emotions and energies and make a clearer path towards our souls mission and devotional desires.

There’s something so profoundly orchestrated about our meetings this week, considering the nature of what I have been working on over the last few years. The stars are aligned 💫⭐️🌟✨ #soulspath #purification #onamission #priestess #inservice #nocoincidences
Life’s a b🏖☀️ch! Loving my time with nature and my best friend - ME! #bestie #loveyourself #summerdays #metime #memyselfandi
Our last crystal healing event in the UK this year, so if you in or around the Manchester area I highly recommend this unique healing experience this Saturday 20th July.

The beautiful combination of Crystal Light Therapy, Spiritual Channel Healing and Reiki is designed to realign your chakras, balance emotions and promote feelings of deep relaxation, inner peace and wellbeing. 
3 spaces left at 11am, 12pm and 1pm 
Read more about in the link below and reserve your place. 

Here’s a few comments from the 100’s of  ex-clients: 🙏🏻”How beautiful and extraordinary. I felt Zari's hands and other hands. the whole experience was one of loving, caring, holding energy. Deep peace and love. An experience beyond explanation". Ocia. Charity Worker. 💗 “Amazing and peaceful experience, healing me on a very deep level. the wellbeing I felt of the crystal bed and Zari's healing hands was sensational well and worth having. a mind, body, soul uplifting session." Claire Patrick. 
Therapist.💗 “Wonderful experience, felt two sets of hands and waterfall healing' Lisa Mc Mearn.💗 “A wonderful healing, six of my angels took the opportunity to come in and work on me" 5* Maureen Rous. Animal Healer.💗 ‘’Absolutely amazing experience. Highly recommended to anybody wanting to try out Reiki- very gifted and the best money I've spent" Serena 5* musician.💗
Hiking along the headlands of this incredible island is so invigorating and reconnective. 
This island 🌴 is so deeply connected to my soul but I choose to release her and release the longing to be back here. 😔
Reminiscing in the beautiful memories made here over the years and learning non-attachment! Having to flow where life, and my souls purpose are leading right now. ✈️
Each step along this path feels like an emotional unravelling of the minds desire for stability, security, familiarity and a deeper embracing of the unknown; that which is uncertain, often scary and yet full of growth and opportunity. 
Maybe she will become my home again or maybe not, but I am forever blessed to have known and enjoyed her treasures. 🙏🏻💗#mallorca #lovethisplace #trust #nonattachment #biggerpicture #whoknows #futureis #gratitude #reconnectwithnature
At St Catherine of Palma’s sacred meditation at 7am this morning. #holyground #morningmeditation #mallorca #whosin #sacredceremony #blessedlife
An incredible morning spent with the High Priestess of Bali. She just so happened to be passing through Mallorca at the same time as yours truly! I have be waiting for this opportunity to meet her again for 6 years. We hiked to one of the most sacred sites in Mallorca, the disused Chapel of St Catherine. The sounds of our prayers and chanting echoed through the old twisted vines trees, as the sun came up over Valldemossa. Priestess Ida then performed a powerful water purification ceremony to deeply cleanse the soul on all levels across time. This ceremony felt just as intense than the first one I did in her temple in Bali. Soaked to skin, after buckets of blessed water where poured over me. Feeling deep gratitude and awe as the universe’s synchronistic weaving to make this possible has simply astounded me once again! #meanttobe #highpriestess #purification #freedom #mallorcamagic #lifeisamystery #nosuchthingasluck
Junte-se a nós para um fim de semana de transformação e cura. E desperte a energia da força vital Shakti-Kundalini. Aprenda os segredos da energia que toda mulher precisa conhecer, para viver uma vida plena e incorporar seu verdadeiro poder, alegria e vivacidade sensual. 
Nós mulheres, nos reuniremos para criar um espaço de cura do nosso corpo, sensualidade, coração e irradiar energia feminina.​ Vamos explorar:

Energia e dança​, kundalini; respiração prânica e trabalho corporal energético; ​pulsação tântrica; liberação de traumas; antigas práticas energéticas Taoístas​ meditação sagrada feminina e divertida, atividades em grupo para abrir o coração; ​retorno à sua essência divina, coração e brilho femininos​. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/shakti-kundalini-oficina-do-sagrado-sexual-feminino-com-zari-ferns-tickets-64979236646. 
Organizadora Contato- ellen.genaro@gmail.com

www.zarilove.com - contact@zarilove.com
#kundalini #cura #oficinaparamulheres #tantra
Super excited to be back in Brazil again later this year September-December. I will speaking at conferences and facilitating healing workshops in #tantra feminine #sexualhealing and #kundalini awakening. First stop the Holistic Congress in Gramado! @congressoholisticointer @michele_fruet #womenempowerment #getyourteachon #wellnessevent #healingtrauma #lightupyourlife #selfhealingjourney #gramado #brazil
When innocence and purity meets itself! What more is precious and meaningful than witnessing the Truth? #loveis #pureromance #godislove #mirroroftruth #benow #iamthat #loveinaction #divinemeeting #niece #horselove #loveislove