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Second awesome announcement of the day:
The first in a series of videos I directed for @annaclendening is out! Anna, you’ve become a friend I can’t imagine my life without, and I can’t wait to keep telling fun, beautiful, hard stories with you! For this video, I got to reteam with the always incredible @goldenwingedwoodpecker (duh) and @nachoneary, my amazing DP @rasa.partin, my badass wardrobe @therockyd, and a slew of other wonderful friends like our handsomely absent leading man, the bees knees, @carterjenkins!
The other ‘invisibles’ are all people with a special place in my heart: @kevinfonteyne, @lilykershaw, @nicmercado and @heretosaveyouall ♥️
More soooooon!
(Url, not videogame character)
It’s a day full of announcements 😬
(And well placed ads, apparently)
Thanks to every single person who helped make this happen:
To the courageous badasses at @gunpowder_sky for taking this on, to my incredible cast and crew for making something special with me, to my amazing team for being the second people who believed I could, to my mom for being the first, to all my splendiferous friends who showed up and took part, and a special thanks to my wonderful producing other half, @goldenwingedwoodpecker!
This is just the beginning. But what a fun, leatherbound beginning it is!
Charlie Chaplin in The Tramp
(There are two types of girls on Halloween. I am both.)
Angel, Buffy and Spike are here to wish you a very moody 90s Halloween.
(Ps. Im much more of a Faith than a Buffy, but a triangle needs three points, soooooo...)
#Shrimp has finally arrived (LINK IN BIO)!
So happy to finally put this little latex wrapped gift out into the world, to introduce others to a community I’ve come to deeply respect, understand and love in the time since I was allowed to document it with open arms. Shrimp, to me, is at its core an ode to mutual respect and consent, whether that’s in the relationships of the women who work in it or the clients they cater to, or in the way they interact with the outside world. It’s a show about women who respect themselves and demand respect from others, even in a job that the world may not understand. And it’s a show about women looking out for each other. 
I hope I get to make more of this. Maybe one day. But for now, I’m so proud of everything I got to make with friends I still get to cherish every day.
Thank you. To each and every one of you. You know who you are. And if you don’t, I’ll remind you often.
Song: Violent Dream by The Jezabels
Tired of having society try to tell me I can’t be both a tomboy and fond of heels and cocktail dresses, that I can’t be an ass kicking boss in one breath and a gentle empath the next. I don’t know a single person in my life who slips perfectly into an easily labeled compartment, a box with four simple, flat sides and a tightly fitted lid. We need to stop minimizing the complexity of others for our own comfort when we can rarely even understand or grasp our own for very long. It’s no one else’s job to make themselves simpler or more easily digestible for you, just as it’s not yours to do so for them, so ascribe to as many labels (or as few) as you like, and screw anyone who thinks they ‘can’t’ exist simultaneously!
“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” - Whitman
Photos by the incomparable (and indescribable) @lanedorsey
So @meghanmerkus drew Princess MEnonoke and I’m SO GODDAMN IN LOVE WITH IT 😭
As I get older, I find myself having fewer and fewer firsts, but last night was a particularly special one: it was the first time I’ve ever gotten to premiere something I created from scratch, and it was in a goddamn FESTIVAL! 😍 #SHRIMP made its debut at @tribeca TV fest last night, and having written it, directed it and acted in it, I couldn’t be prouder (or more confused by the fact it’s finally going to be out there, and WHAT IS LIFE)! Thank you to all the friends and family who came to support, and to these fantastic ladies for coming on this crazy adventure with me (@francesfisher, you were so missed!).
I’m so incredibly proud of and grateful for this project and everyone involved in it. And thanks for letting my juicy booty sit in alllllll the chairs 👏🏼
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”
- Jane Austen
Happy womb evacuation anniversary, Rocky Raccoon! You’re the best car singing, booty shaking, clothes shopping, adventure seeking, dance partner and friend a girl like me could ever ask for. Love you to the 🌙 and back (and glad you’re finally home, damnit!)
You know you’ve left smoking behind when you haven’t even checked your habit timer in months... so long, in fact, that my one year anniversary away from cigarettes passed without my knowing! Smoking was more than just a habit for me, it was a crutch against my anxiety in crowds, a social salve I thought helped me feel more comfortable at parties. It was, in the end, a bunch of excuses I told myself helped me navigate the otherness I often felt. But then, this last year, I took a step back and took stock of a lot of my ‘habits’, good and bad. I took inventory of the many facets of myself that had come to the forefront in my late twenties, and began deciding what I wanted to keep and what could be shaved off clean, to reveal a new facet beneath. Maybe, if I’m lucky, a better one.
There are so many versions of ourselves we can live as, so many you’s that simultaneously exist within and express outwardly in tiny ways, like new hobbies or old habits. Perhaps that’s why I love acting so much, because briefly, I get to exist as a me I’d never be otherwise.  But for all my facets, I’d just like to say how FUCKING ECSTATIC I am that smoking is no longer one!
Now, acting will be the only place I’ll ever have to deal with that other ‘me’ again. And those cigarettes are as fake as the scenery ♥️
PS. The greatest irony of the photos above is that I’m 19 in the one I’m smoking in, and 28 in the one I’m not. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure I look younger without the cigs 😂
Had a Sod’s Law kinda day where everything that could go wrong did, and truly, it broke me a little. Days like today break everyone, but since I’m asked almost every day, in every interview and on every app, how I cope, here you go. Interviews get warped, written word can only express so much, and truthfully questions I get are so often made about my dad when that’s just one facet of a much larger life. No human is any one triumph or tragedy, just as we’re not any one bad day. But since this app tends to just show the world thru rose-colored glasses, figured I’d at least, for once, show a peek thru ones that got a little squashed today in the universe’s back pocket. 
And that second video gets cut off a few words short, but guessing most of you could figure out I was saying that ‘I’m not the only one’ 
Spoiler alert: sad noses run
And some screenshots, because who needs photos from set when your DP is this amazing. Love you @rasa.partin!