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I am a humanist celebrant (Humanists UK accredited) and these photos document the adventures of me and my couples...


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Some of the prettiest #weddingdetritus I ever did see. This time last year - celebrating Madison and Chris’ exquisite wedding at @villapaissadenbernatibiza in Ibiza. Everyone should find someone who looks at you the way gorgeous @madisonchinagoddard looks a Chris, I was lucky enough to receive a flash of it throughout the ceremony and my heart was a-flutter! Happy anniversary you gorgeous pair. Thank you for the extraordinary memories you gave us all. See you in Barford soon....?! ;-) xxx #joywashere #whatthecelebrantsaw #letyourselvesbethisinlove
Continuing my #lovetour2019 ‘Talented People Behind the Scenes’ season, here are another group of geniuses who create magic in their chosen skills. I am so lucky to meet extremely talented and bloody marvellous people all of whom make the job I do even more special. Thank you @linaandtom @randfweddings and the brilliant @hushabyefilms who eluded my selfie stalk! Next time Jade, next time! #whophotosthephotographer #celebrantphotographerselfie #weddingphotographer #celebrantvideographerselfieeludued #friends #weddingsuppliers
Ceremony in action recipe ingredients. 
1) always revel in engaging a little heckle from the front row. 
2) admit when you’ve forgotten the communal song but throw your hands in the air and encourage everyone that this new spot for the song is the best moment for singing anyway ;-)
3) if all the guests get to do a shot of Cafe Padron midway through the ceremony (to cheers the engagement story), so should the bride, groom.... and celebrant - cheers!! Thank you @linaandtom for capturing these moments from Charlotte and Rob’s ceremony last weekend - May this be the first of many weddings we get to work together on, you dreamboats 🥰 @lotbean, Rob, I loved every single second of our process together and it makes me beam from ear to ear to see how much fun we all had celebrating your story, love and now....marriage. Happy mini moon.  #humanistceremony #funceremony #wordsmatter #weddingceremony #enjoyyourceremony
I saved our #bridegroomcelebrantselfie to say - Happy 1 Week Anniversary you beauties! We snuck in this MID ceremony squidge whilst everyone was sticking their post-it’s on Ryan Reynolds. Thank you @lisajanephoto and @leeallenphotos - as a celebrant to be asked by one wedding photographer is flattering enough, the double whammy?? Still pinching myself ;-) have a spectacular first Thursday of your married lives. xx #humanistceremony #notjustaweddingdayamarriage #howhapoydowealllook?
I have few words. Only feeling. .
Thank you @mattparryphoto for somehow capturing how I feel inside about @lisajanephoto and @leeallenphotos from the outside. .
I would never have forgotten this intimate mid ceremony moment. But now I have actual treasure to keep. Thank you from the bottom of my sequin sparkled heart. .
#marryingweddingphotographers #inaroomfullofweddingphotographers #mattparryisanactualgenius #photosthatmakeyoucry #lovemycouples #humanistceremony
Glorious Charlotte and Rob. Cafe Padron shots, one of my favourite Beatles singalongs (AND I’ve never had it sung at a wedding before) Eight Days a Week, the reveal that their cats can say hello, 39 countries summarised in a few big breaths, and an armadillo carried the rings. (Ok, so that last bit was Rob’s wishful thinking, but Drew was an excellent alternative 😉). Worth every single mile of drive to Norfolk, but if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times....you can drive for hours and you’re still not yet out of Norfolk!!!!! See you soon for tiki cocktails @lotbean and Rob. #bridegroomcelebrantselfie #humanistceremony #lovetour2019
Ryan Reynolds Ritual - we were always going to go into a room, just @lisajanephoto @leeallenphotos @mattparryphoto and I just after L&L’s personal vows to sign their Post-It note marriage contract (in homage to Grey’s Anatomy) leaving the guests alone for a moment. I had the idea to surprise L&L and ask all of the guests to write the words they associate with them both (or draw a doodle - whichever they preferred) whilst we were gone. So, 68 hand sealed envelopes with post it notes, felt tip pens and a note of instruction were placed upon each chair and when the time came, I asked everyone to open them whilst we were gone. Everyone more than dutifully got on with their task. All unbeknownst to L&L. Now, fully aware of the high levels of sentimentality here, one doesn’t want to over do it! So, how could I juxtapose this earnestness, with a gesture of silliness so we could all stomach it and not feel like we were in a saccharine hell hole? Well, obviously, by getting each row of friends and family to get up and pin this sentiment to a life size cardboard cutout of @vancityreynolds!! Ryan himself was a surprise I had presented to Lee earlier in the ceremony in gentle teasing of Lee’s man crush reveal to me in his homework that, and I quote “who doesn’t love the dreamboat that is Ryan Reynolds?!” And there we have it. A ritual of the most delicious components. Real words, genuine love, post it note brilliance to accompany their own, to remind them that everyone in that room has their backs and will support them and they are never alone. 
Thank you @theweddingenthusiast for never questioning my odd ideas, for taking delivery of Ryan and for not only holding him tight for the sticking but for also covering the swearword when it was the bridesmaids turn to stick her note! 
The highlight for me was wrapping him in cling film with Kirsty to save and secure the post-it’s - “let’s wrap Ryan a little tighter” is not a sentence I say often enough!
Ritual can come in many shapes and sizes, yesterday it came in a 6ft 2in dreamboat of a Canadian ;-) #humanistceremony #lovetour2019 #makingmoments #instawedding #createmagic #love #postitnotes
Yesterday’s wedding outfit of dreams. Heavy as chain mail and on a summers day in east London hot as the sun but worth every gloriously feverish moment. Thank you @ashish
I’m still trying to process all the wonder of yesterday, I need to look through my 379 photos from yesterday, pick some, write words and then I’ll post, but for now to sate curiosity....the photo booth proposal of @lisajanephoto and @leeallenphotos from yesterday’s post. He proposed, she said yes, the photo booth captured it all!
So much to say. But dammit, I’m too busy enjoying myself so I’m going to let confetti say it all until tomorrow. “We’re gonna build something this summer” I fucking love you Lee and Lisa. @photographerscelebrant #privilege #lovetour2019
Sitting in my hotel bed practicing today’s ceremony and to be honest, crying my damn eyes out. Real life. That’s what we are all doing here. Real, honest to goodness, bare soul’d life. And I will be professional in a few hours and embrace stoicism but for now, in room 126 I’m a soft mush of feeling. Lee, Lisa - thank you for being the beautiful souls you are. Bloody hell, this is going to be a cry-fest-a-thon-love-shebang! 😉
We’re on a BOAT! 
I married Leanne and Jim on a boat - Not just any boat, but the beautiful Moyana - @falriver’s exquisite reconditioned ferry boat. And best of all, the whole thing was a surprise for all of their guests. Leanne, Jim, Claire from @knotcornwall and I plotted this little bit of magic a year ago and finally yesterday this happened :-) All Leanne and Jim’s friends and family knew was to gather in Newquay for a morning ceremony transport pick up. From there we enjoyed an excitable coach journey from north coast to south coast, then a brilliant green double decker ride (felt like the ultimate red herring!) to the quayside of Malpas. Groom and guests boarded for a welcome drink and gorgeous cruise down river to a pontoon outside the beautiful Trelissick Gardens where we moored. I gathered all the guests on the top deck, and we began the ceremony. Moments later I asked every single guest to do a giant wave to shore and Leanne and her girls emerged from the trees. There wasn’t a dry eye as their little daughters in rainbow cardigans climbed up the boat stairs and shouted “daddy!” We tied the knot with Jute rope to signify the girls and Leanne all changing their name to their new family name. There was so much laughter, tears and loveliness before there was the kiss, fizz and we set sail again! On board we had canapés and Cornish pasty’s and enjoyed the most beautiful cruise on down to Falmouth, the open sea and back again. Truly, this is how to make memories for one and all. Contact me if you have an unusual plan or you want to get married on a boat, I can make these things happen ;-) #humanistceremony #weddingyourway #boatwedding #bridegroomcelebrantselfie