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My first IG pic six years ago. The boy in this picture is now taller than I am. Still the most understanding boy who adjusts to my moods. I am now a mom of a teenager, I am excited. But behind that excitement is a praning mom wondering if she is doing the right thing. Is love enough? Will I need a lot of patience? Is his height and weight normal? Am I raising a God-fearing, independent, responsible man?

When I'm old and gray, I hope my memory will not fail me. So I could still remember how your cute face beamed when I get home from work when you were still a baby; how high pitched you were singing songs only you can understand; how your little hands massage my aching head; how filling the scrambled eggs, noodles, french toast and grilled cheese you cook; etc etc

I love you,son. I hope you also learn how to make my coffee. 😘😝😋 Happy birthday.
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Pasta + sauteed onion, garlic,tomato, mushroom and tuna in olive oil= satisfaction.  Feels good to finally cook something I've been craving  for. I don't know what held me back, I procrastinated for so long.
Was awake since 3:30am with a stiff neck. Decided to just get up,iron clothes,prep breakfast and journal in this rainy morning. Started another planner because I don't want to wait for the new year and I intend to make this my #jupiterinscorpio planner. 
It is an everything book-  creative journal,art planner,notes,lists,reflections etc. Decided to have just one notebook for everything-travel,expenses,thoughts,todos. No separate notebooks this time. Simple,cohesive,harmonious, continuous.  Just like life. I FOUND MY PLANNER PEACE. #flipthrough
My mind is a lot messier. Scared but still hopeful.
Messy desk