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Creativity,grit,passion and procrastination
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Pasta + sauteed onion, garlic,tomato, mushroom and tuna in olive oil= satisfaction.  Feels good to finally cook something I've been craving  for. I don't know what held me back, I procrastinated for so long.
Was awake since 3:30am with a stiff neck. Decided to just get up,iron clothes,prep breakfast and journal in this rainy morning. Started another planner because I don't want to wait for the new year and I intend to make this my #jupiterinscorpio planner. 
It is an everything book-  creative journal,art planner,notes,lists,reflections etc. Decided to have just one notebook for everything-travel,expenses,thoughts,todos. No separate notebooks this time. Simple,cohesive,harmonious, continuous.  Just like life. I FOUND MY PLANNER PEACE. #flipthrough
My mind is a lot messier. Scared but still hopeful.
Messy desk
Php 25.00 joy
Yesterday, my daughter gave me this flower. This reminded me of my son, when he was her age, also used to give me flowers,twigs,stones... anything he finds on the road. My daughter gives me her drawings.

These sweet little gestures makes motherhood fulfilling. I treasure the thought that they also think of me when I am not around. Children's love is raw, unassuming and innocent. I hope that growing up wouldn't poison this kind of love.
Overnight oats and banana
#snack #mindfuleating
Noodle weather