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Can窶冲 wait to share something exciting with you on Wednesday that I窶况e been beavering away on for a while! 洶 (aware this is not a beaver, but as I was looking for an appropriate emoji I saw the hedgehog & actually SMILED because it窶冱 so damn cute) Does anyone remember when I was OBSESSED with hedgehogs? Fun fact: I used to sit on my step in my old house waiting for the family of hedgehogs to gather around the food I left them whilst I sat and wrote up the plot & first chapters of Girl Online before it was even a thing... with little baby hedgehogs running around my feet! Haha Crazy that it was five years ago now!!洟會沛シ洶
Sad not to be strolling along the canals with @pointlessblog this afternoon! Back to work it is, and I have A LOT to catch up on! 泗芋沽を汳ェ沛シ
Goodbye Amsterdam, It窶冱 been swell, thanks for having us 汨愚沛シ汳
Making memories in Amsterdam 笶、ク
Happy Valentines/Palentines/Galentines Day to each and every one of you 汳
Valentines breakfast 汳
This part of the Banksy & Lichtenstein exhibition lent itself well to a spotty OOTD! (Also looks like I have broken my foot - 9 years in and still can窶冲 perfect an outfit pose)
Just in case you were wondering; No, I didn窶冲 manage to finish it & yes it was DELISH 泗交沛シ
Happy Pancake Day! I feel like we窶决e in a good place for it 衍橇沚エ
Already falling in love with Amsterdam and have only been here for five hours 汳
Slowly turning my house into a jungle! (This isn窶冲 my house, this is @spiderplantshop in Brighton, but this is my home plant inspo) Here窶冱 a question though, I LOVE the idea of hanging planters and draping plants, but if they窶决e up high, do you forget to water them or have to whip a ladder out thus making it a bit of a ball-ache? I much prefer shelves and low planters so I can water them easily 沽
Happy Weekend 洟會沛シ