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🍁 🍃 🍂 fall vibes 🍂 🍃 🍁 @sorelfootwear #sorelstyle @eliesaabworld
i ♥️ yuki
ITS NATIONaL PaSTA DAY did you know that. Huge holiday. Celebrate responsibly. #PastaServiceAnnouncement
🏡 is where the ♥️ is. also the matzo ball soup, egg cream, half pastrami, latkes extra apple sauce, black and white cookie and rice pudding... those are there too, thank god.
The Dancer by Gustav Klimt, 1916 🌙
Happy birthday to my #1, my best friend @carverzewski; me no know what I’d do without you or who I’d scream nonsense with for 16 hours of the day, every day. I love you more than cake loves chips and I love you more than cows love grass. What more could I possibly say? 🐰🕴🐄 😭🧟‍♂️ Thank you @emilyzewski and @larryzewski for creating my soulmate. Happy birthday, 🐙.
series by @emmamariej_ 🌹
@spacex text me
monday mornin’ attack of the giant killer cow 🐄 🐮
sister hug @maddiedeutch. photo by the brilliant @emmamariej_ ✨
Wassily Kandinsky’s Free Curve To The Point, 1925 🖤