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Actor. Human person. A simple girl who knows the difference between a manatee and dugong. Flower in theatres March 16th. Trailer link below. ⚡️


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these boots that turn into pants (or these pants that turn into boots?) are almost as causal and normal as my pose #notmetoday😶#notcomfortableorpracticalANDonlytake72minutestoputonyourbody #bringbootpants🔙
Repost from @oliviawilde ❗️
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Need your help. This is a smart campaign from @riabrowne. Let’s make @everytown have more followers than the NRA. Bigger numbers = awareness and funding. Spread the word. Make a statement. It may seem trivial but this kind of stuff matters in the larger fight for sanity. #safetyinnumbers #commonsensegunreform
😈👿😈👿 keeping creepers off the street is kind of our thing 😈👿😈👿#flowerthemovie
Wink and eat a ring pop is the new rub your belly and pat your head. 🕳🤹‍♀️💡🍭⚛️🥉🖖🏼🎪 #HarderThanItLooksFolks (Photo by my favoritest @autumndewilde.)
dog on a dock 🐡#maybellemayduldanieldanny
just here to inform everyone that i'm very committed to my passion for deer photography 🦌
when you and your friends are about to make some risky decisions #FlowerTheMovie
who can write a caption about me taking a dog-nap instead of a cat-nap 🤦‍♀️ #important
🌷🌷photo by @sbrackbill 🌷🌷i got to sit next to @toryburch during the rehearsal for #toryburchfw18 and was so in awe of the fact that every single piece in the show, every single piece i was wearing, everything she makes, has a personal story behind it. everything is inspired by a painting, person, place, or experience she's had. everything is personal. storytelling through clothes. i can barely remember what i ate for breakfast so um i loved getting to pick her brilliant and artistic brain. while listening to a live performance by the chamber orchestra of new york. wuuutttt. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷